About the Clinic

Atsede and Indie’s Clinic was established in Gubrye, Gurage Zone, Ethiopia in 2018. It was founded by midwives Atsede Kidane and Indie McDowell to provide compassionate and skilled healing and healthcare for women and children. The Clinic provides family planning and contraception advice, sexual health counselling, antenatal care, early labour assessments, postnatal follow up, gynaecological assessments, fertility counselling, well-baby checks, nutritional assessments, neonatal assessments, and under-5 assessments. The Clinic also provides a “safe room” for women who do not feel able to provide their baby with the life they deserve, where babies can be left safely and warmly with Clinic staff until further arrangements can be made.

The Clinic has a delivery room for labour and birth. With care based on the principles of active labour and minimal interventions, the Clinic offers a women-centred, individualised approach to low-risk childbirth. The Clinic is equipped for, and staff are up-to-date in dealing with, a wide range of obstetric and neonatal emergencies, ensuring the highest level of safe, evidence-based midwifery. The Clinic also has an arrangement with the local referral hospital, allowing smooth transfers to ensure safe care is maintained at all times in case of emergencies.

For more information, please see: www.atsedeandindiesclinic.com

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